We believe in not just training our students but empowering them and exposing them to various opportunities in the industry.

We offer our students various avenues to start their own businesses.  Either it being reselling of our products to their clients or becoming an official stockist of our brand or by acting as an agent to our students to book them for jobs.

 We also offer after support to students who need advise and we offer short courses at affordable prices to help students stay up to date with changing trends and needs arising in our industry.

 We pride ourselves as being one of the top Make-Up Schools in South Africa that always stays on top of the latest makeup trends as seen on social media. 

Every year we choose a few students to mentor and give exposure to by booking them for large events happening all over SA throughout the year. 

Owner of Halouw Make-Up Academy

Louise Volschenk

Louise is a well know make-up artist in South Africa and has worked with many local and international celebrities.

Louise has been doing makeup for over 20 years as she started with her first bride at the age of 14.

Her passion is teaching and she started teaching others to do makeup, not only for themselves but to be able to do it professionally since the age of 16.

She started the Halouw makeup academy in 2013 and is now one of the top make-up schools in SA.

We also have a lot of international students traveling just to come and learn from us Halouw Make-up has been associated with many large events in SA.

Our Team


Senior Makeup artist, Office and Store Manager


Senior Make-up artist, Lecturer, Content Creator


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