5 Shade Eyeshadow Pallets

5 Shade Eyeshadow Pallets

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This handcrafted leather vinyl five shade Eyeshadow Pallets contains five complementary pre-selected eye colours in a neat and easy to use compact, to help you create that perfect look.

We stock three classic combos, as well as a trend-alert pallet for every season.

  • Autumn Pallet: This pallet is a combination of warm brown hues with an intensifier and a highlighter, to create that perfect eye
  • Winter Pallet: This pallet is the perfect combination of dark intense shades for a smokey eye, with a highlighter and intensifier shade. 
  • Berrylicious Pallet: Popular berry shades for a feminine allure, perfect for all skin tones.

Useful info

The colour choices are designed to all work together.

Useful Tip

Pick a sparkling dazzle dust to brush over your eyeshadow for some extra voom!